We are resuming our efforts in mid Q1 2023 after an extended hiatus doing dual eldercare.
Please standby as we rebuild and reopen to new clients. Special thank you to existing clients who we were able to serve during that eldercare stretch. If you want to hire a very experienced consultant, reach out to us.

We are experienced with business process improvement, transformation, reengineering, instructional design, marketing, advertising, branding and SEO consulting, as well as serial entrepreneurs, domain investors and startup consultants.

Our holdings include extensive digital real estate, and some physical real estate, including significant domain names we plan to develop, with a few options to lease or sell.

You may contact us here: Inquiry at Multiholdings.com

Domain Name Division:

CorporationDomains.com is under brute force attack. We are rebuilding and will relaunch soon.

While we are rebuilding CorporationDomainsĀ·com please visit our temporary site at TurnkeyBrandNames.com.

TurnkeyBrandNames.com logo for brand names and domain names for sale.

MedDomainNames.com is a great resource for health related brands. Be sure to check out the Gallery, and the list of Health domain names for sale

Chief Domain Officer: stealth consulting on domain name strategies, acquisitions, spinoffs, divestitures, mergers and management for select corporate clients. We have been managing corporate domain name portfolios for the last 27 years.

SEO, Ads Management, Social Media Marketing and Overall Digital Marketing Division:

Vizibilities.com is our brand for providing top level SEO and digital marketing for the last 27 years, We don’t give away our secrets on the site, because it represents a strategic advantage in helping you rank higher on the search engines. We consistently beat other brands in becoming more visible in very competitive markets. Please let us know if you are ready to stand out above others in your market.

Financial Division

Business Loans

Gold Investment Alternatives

  • (Emerging)

Incubator and Startups Division:


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